Winter 2022/2023 - Ski & Board School: Kid's Centre Coordinator

September 5 2022
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Kelowna, BC

Position: Kid's Centre Coordinator


Supports the Operations Manager and Kids Centre Supervisor in managing the daily operations of the Kids Centre (KC). The Kids Centre Coordinator embraces the KC motto of "safety + fun = morefun" when interacting with internal and external customers to create a memorable alpine experience.

The KC Supervisor reports directly to the Operations Manager with the aims to:

  • Support the Operations Manager and Kids Centre Supervisor in the daily operational effectiveness of KC.
  • Support the Daycare Coordinator and the KC Kitchen.
  • Support any/all KC-related activities outside of daily lessons.
  • Lead the interactions to solve guest issues and promote Big White Ski Resort.

General Responsibilities

  • Help with the daily organization and supervision of children and staff in the KC.
  • Be seen as a go-to person for troubleshooting Kid's Centre staff in daily operations.
  • Be a leader in delivering an unsurpassed guest experience for visitors to Big White Ski Resort.
  • Cover off the Operation Manager/KC Supervisors' duties while they are on days off or unavailable.
  • Address customer concerns, complaints and issues, and take ownership from start to completion.

Key Responsibilities


  • Allocate or modify instructor group assignments based on guest needs, ability level, and continuity.
  • Monitor and track instructor schedules to create accurate records of work undertaken.


  • Ensure scanners and tags are fully operational and function as required.
  • Train instructors in the primary use of tags and daily scan requirements.
  • Scan instructors/students to ensure all are allocated to the correct classes and train Kid Centre pod leaders to perform these scans accurately and efficiently.
  • Monitor and ensure safety protocols during all stages of Flaik procedure
  • Monitor web interface of Flaik data; correct errors when required, monitor student location, and coordinate retrieval of misplaced or injured students.
  • Ensure the Flaik imports and exports to and from the Kids Centre system are correct.

Kids Centre Registration System

  • Proficient in the use of administrative functions of the Kids Centre registration system.
  • Provide training and ongoing support to instructors on the specific aspects of the Kid Centre registration system.

Daily Operations

  • Assign Daycare Plus private lessons for AM and PM, and communicate with Daycare for numbers.
  • Assign inside duties to instructors for pre-lesson registration times and provide ongoing support.
  • Sending out classes – maintaining the following
    • Noting comments/requests.
    • Maintain consistency with instructors when possible.
    • Ensuring instructors are teaching appropriate ability levels.
    • Being aware of and managing late arrivals.
    • Be on time whenever possible.
    • Proficient in using the scanner to scan every participant's Flaik within each class.
  • Run reports on medical conditions/allergies and post them throughout the Kids Centre.
  • Provide the lunch numbers to the kitchen, and allocate staff to lunch duty.
  • Allocate unused instructors to tasks/return to work times.
  • Record instructor assignments accurately to ensure correct pay.
  • Update the Whiteboard with assigned lessons/tasks throughout the day.
  • Oversee day attendant duties.
  • Work with Kitchen staff to ensure stock levels are up to date and correct for projected KC numbers and food standards are met or exceeded for lunch and snacks.

Guest interactions

  • Take appropriate action for missing, injured or ill students; contact ski patrol and parents for injured and or sick children or late pickups.
  • If necessary, conduct identity checks and phone calls for guardians who arrive without the correct documentation.
  • Address customer complaints with a focus on positive customer outcomes.

Training– Kids Centre

  • Provide leadership and direction to instructors.
  • Produce and edit training material and resources for instructors.
  • Active involvement in rookie and returning staff preseason training.
  • Provide training and support for staff during daily registration duties.
  • Monitor and address staff behaviour and attitude to maintain standards.
  • Ensure all staff has up-to-date knowledge of processes and procedures.
  • Conduct lesson reviews and provide constructive feedback based on CSIA/CASI methodology.


  • Canadian Ski Instructors Alliance (CSIA) or Canadian Association Snowboard Instructors (CASI)
  • level 3 certification or international equivalent strongly desired
  • Qualifications in one or more of the following are desirable;
    • sports management
    • early childhood development
    • education
  • Track record of practical experience working with children in a sporting/education environment.
  • Experience in a supervisory role working with children in an organized setting is strongly desirable.
  • Experience working at Big White Kids Centre is strongly desirable.
  • Having the ability to undertake a range of administrative tasks.
  • Track record of ability to work in a high-pressure environment.
  • Having a proven track record of managing the process of solving customer complaints.
  • Strong people management skills
  • Experience training and developing staff.
  • Comfortable working independently and collaboratively.
  • Experience using Microsoft, Sirius and Flaik software.
  • An understanding of protection issues relating to children.
  • Excellent communication skills, both verbal and written to internal and external customers.
  • Excellent organizational and time management skills.
  • Belief in the Big White mission statement 'To go the extra mile to ensure our visitors enjoy a memorable alpine experience in a positive, safe and friendly environment.

Special Requirements

  • Ability to carry 40 lbs/18 kg while skiing/riding
  • Ability to assist a fallen skier/snowboarder back onto their feet
  • Ability to lift 40 lbs/18 kg
  • Ability to ski/ride for 6-7 hours a day

Visa Requirements

Must be legally eligible to work in Canada.

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