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"The arts sector entertains through the creation of artistic works such as paintings, films, and music. The cultural sector entertains as well using culturally-relevant arts. The recreation sector provides enjoyable activities to people who wish to relax or have fun. The sports sector also provides entertainment in the form of sports activities. These sectors typically require only a high school diploma; however, higher-level positions will require a university degree in fine arts, leisure science, or athletic therapy. Candidates interested in working in these sectors should consult some of our 20 specialized job boards such as,, or Each board features their respective field’s employers of choice, offers unique field-related articles, in-depth job descriptions, and expert employment advice. Most jobs in these sectors are part time or contractual, and pay upwards of $40,000 annually. Examples of these positions are museum curators, referees, artists, musicians, lifeguards, and many more. "

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