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Tour Guides – What Skills Set Them Apart?

Tour guide can be a dream job, because it lets you travel and share your passion and knowledge of a city, a site or a culture. However, it’s a seasonal job, often paid per assignment. How can you retain your clientele and employers? A tour guide is a professional, generally independent, who assists a group […]

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How to Refuse a Temporary Contract Proposed by an Agency

Placement agencies sometimes offer positions which are not attractive to you. How do you refuse a temporary contract without closing doors? “A worker once refused a job because his shoes would get wet and he did not want to risk catching a cold by going outdoors!,” says Pierre Chaput, Director of Recruitment at Extra Multi-Ressources, […]

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How To Make Sure You Get Your Seasonal Job Back Next Year

Some organizations hire seasonally, whether for working in day camps, parks, municipal pools or ski resorts. Despite the temporary nature of the job, how can you stand out to be “re-drafted” next season? All too often, for a seasonal job, there is a massive hiring push, and all employees are on the same level to […]

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Nice Jobs at Ski Resorts for Winter Sports Enthusiasts

For winter sports enthusiasts, working at a ski resort has many benefits. Here are the nicest jobs at a winter resort. The snow has come, to the delight of the ski resorts… and of the instructors, who can begin their work. “The recruitment period begins in October,” explains Réal Lapointe, human resources advisor at the […]

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The Best Outdoor Jobs to Search for this Winter

Winter means snow… and seasonal employment! What are the best outdoor jobs to search for in cold weather?  “Outdoor jobs in winter are generally related to skiing and the outdoors,” says William Bérubé, recruitment adviser at Groupe Perspective. But for him, there is no doubt that the most sought after worker when the cold season […]

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Holiday Jobs that Can Pay Off Big!

Playing Santa Claus, wrapping gifts, lending a helping hand to a caterer… There is no shortage of holiday jobs, since the big stores, shops and restaurants see an influx of customers before Christmas. Here are some ideas for you to build a little nest egg in a festive spirit! The number of seasonal job offers […]

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Top 5 Most Common Job Interview Mistakes

Entering the job market for the first time, changing careers after several years at one place or aiming for a higher job… there are many different reasons motivating us to have an interview. Do you know how to succeed? Here are the top 5 most common job interview mistakes. Not being prepared for your interview […]

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Questions to Ask Yourself Before Accepting a Winter job

So you are passionate about winter sports and it’s quite natural that you have thought about becoming a ski instructor this winter. Or, why not, a ski lift manager. But have you asked yourself if you are ready to work in the cold all day long? Will your health allow it? Are you ready to […]

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How to get your first winter job when you are 16?

So you’re 16 years old and want to take advantage of the next winter season to build a little nest egg? With ski resorts in full swing and stores getting busy with the Christmas period, there are many opportunities. But don’t wait until the last minute to start your search! Here are some tips to […]

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Writing your CV for a Seasonal Job

Seasonal workers are frequently forced to change their employer or type of work. How can you successfully sell this variety of jobs to a recruiter? Some tips to stand out. Grouping your experience To give consistency to your CV, you can group your work experiences rather than presenting each one of your previous jobs separately. […]

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How to prevent frostbite at work

Will you be working outside this winter? Be careful – to avoid problems such as frostbite, certain measures are required! Frostbite can happen when you are exposed to cold for extended periods of time. You are at risk whenever the temperature reaches 0 degrees Celsius or below. Proper clothing is often the key to success […]

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Is a Temporary Position Right for You?

A temporary position is a job with a fixed term, generally created to replace employees on sick, maternity or paternity leave, or on a sabbatical, for a boost in production or a strong seasonal demand, or to carry out special projects. The temporary employee is engaged full-time or part-time for a limited period of time […] network