Some tips for finding a job in winter

If you are a student, part-time worker, retiree or you simply want to round out your month-end during the winter season, be aware that there are a variety of beneficial job opportunities. 


Working in winter can be a great opportunity to get away, a bit of the family environment, go on an adventure at ski resorts, discover new regions, live great experiences, even seasonal workers like you, driven by projects and enthusiastic about discoveries. Meeting people who share the same ambitions will be sure to help you being around vacationers and tourists who are having a good time, while for you it will be quite a fast pace.


Before launching headlong into seeking a job for the next winter season, ask yourself what you like to do, what your skills are, whether you’re able to work in the cold for 3 or 4 months in a row… So those who have good people skills will opt for retail sales in stores that are very busy during the holidays while others will prefer to work outdoors at ski resorts or at the controls of a snow plow or tow truck. Some will choose to work keeping warm, either actively in the gym as a fitness teacher or comfortably seated in front of a computer screen using their accounting skills to do tax returns for individuals and businesses.


Just because it’s a seasonal job doesn’t mean that you can get it at the last minute, far from it. Indeed, the selection process can be quite long since there are many candidates who want to take advantage of the winter for work. In addition, the work may require a training period that means that it’s important to start several months in advance. Regarding your CV and presentation letter, think how to explain the reasons why you are looking for a winter job, specify the period when you are available or for how long (if you’re free for less than 3 months you will then go on a short-term job that will let you try out if the job is right for you for next year, for example). You can find job in various ways: post your CV on job sites where CVs are often sought, choose and contact companies whose activities and culture attract you, answer job offers published on the internet or in local neighbourhood newspapers or network by sharing your interest in working this winter in a particular type of company with your friends and family. network